613-601-4032 Infrared Technology

Rideau Home Inspections utilizes infrared, thermal imaging equipment. Thermal imaging equipment is able to detect what no eye can see – minor variations in temperature that can signal electrical or moisture problems. Our standard inspection does not include a detailed thermographic scan of the home. However, an infrared camera may be used for localized diagnostic purposes, at our discretion, during your inspection.

We also offer at the time of inspection a thermographic scan using infrared, thermal imaging equipment to enhance your home inspection. The building envelope (exterior) as well as each room will be scanned using the FLIR B-300 camera and related software. Thermal imaging reveals surface temperature variations of the building, which can be interpreted to identify problems in structure, moisture content and air leakage. It can also be used to find hidden heating and cooling losses, moisture intrusion, inadequate or non-existent insulation, plumbing leaks and poor construction. Early correction of these conditions can prevent more extensive damage in the future.