613-601-4032 Testimonials

“Tom, we especially liked your attention to the needs of first time home buyers; your attention to detail and thorough explanation for all recommendations.”
~ Omar Majeed

“Tom, Thank you again for sharing your time and home inspection expertise. We are highly appreciative, all the best.”
~ Jason & Aline Kelly

“Tom, we thank you for the extensive job and report provided on the home. The thoroughness of your report was impressive.”
~ Bill & Cathy Patterson

“Tom, your attention to the needs of first time homebuyers, attention to detail and thorough explanation for all recommendations.”
~ LeeAnne Healey

“Tom, We especially liked the detailed report & professionalism. Thank you.”
~ Penny Barnes

“We especially liked your thoroughness and tips about living in the house…”
~ Kurt Schweitzer

“Tom was never rushed and answered all our questions, very professional!! Very knowledgable. You are always welcome in our new home. Thanks for everything!”
~ Paul & Kristina

“Very professional, good communicator, reliable, believable.”
~ Marie & Larry McNamee

“Tom, Thanks again for your assistance today – Irene and I were both extremely impressed with your detailed appraisal, the extensiveness of your debriefing, and the vast amount of information provided to us. It was a real pleasure to work with you – we certainly know who to recommend!”
~ Brenda Burton

“Prompt, professional, and informative.”
~ Glenn & Sharron McDonell

“I especially liked the detailed explanation of the house, Tom’s thoughtful explanation of his inspection ..I’ve had two other home inspections done on other residences..Tom was far superior in every aspect!”
~ Michael Whittaker

“Tom Humphreys was very friendly and provided excellent advice.”
~ Clark Norton

“Everything was great. Being a first time homebuyer, Tom walked me through the inspection with ease & enjoyment. Tom was very easy to communicate with, thorough, had an abundance of knowledge and offered many great tips a first time homebuyer could use. I highly recommend Tom, he made our first home inspection a great one.”
~ Tony Hall

“It was my first time going through a home inspection and Tom was great. He explained everything to me in terms that I could clearly understand. At the end of the inspection I felt that I could make an informed decision regarding the purchase of the home.”
~ Tracy Carver

“My immediate thought of Tom is trust, either by thorough examination or professional explanation’s he was great!”
~ Greg Reuber

“We were very impressed with Mr. Humphreys. He inspected the entire house, every corner of it. Our son in law followed him around all the time asking questions about everything and he received accurate and informative replies.”
~ Hugh & Ellen Jeffery

“This is the second time I have had a home inspection done. Thought the first one went well but after seeing the quality of information/inspection and professionalism that Tom Humphreys provided I realize how poor of a inspection I got the first time (this was by another company). I was absolutely 100% satisfied with everything, keep up the great work!”
~ Matthew Baker